About Us

Mission & Values

At Pilli Custom Homes, we realize you have several choices of qualified homebuilders in Maryland to construct your custom home. What separates us from our friends in the industry? First, we believe the longevity of our business speaks for itself. Our success has bred confidence and expertise, and we’re always willing to learn new skills and adapt to changing environments. We still cling to the time-honored values established by John Pilli, Sr., who believed in honesty, integrity, accuracy and quality. They’re simple traditions, but embracing them has helped our business to thrive; and for that, we’re grateful. We’re proud to say our greatest satisfaction is turning client relationships into friendships.


At Pilli Custom Homes, our mission is simply:

"We strive to form lasting partnerships by offering our clients unmatched quality, transparency and service as together, we honor their investment of a lifetime, building a one-of-a-kind custom home."




Building the home of your dreams is likely to be the most significant investment of time and money you’ll make in your lifetime. Our commitment to you is to honor that investment, and to do everything in our power help you see us as a partner in the endeavor.

What does that mean? First, we promise to approach each and every conversation with you, or on your behalf, with honesty and transparency. We view ourselves as the leader of a diversely talented team, tasked with collaborating in the effort to propel your dream to life.

Second, we insist upon treating others with dignity and respect. We value your business, and we keep working to earn it even after the contract is signed.


Finally, our entire team is dedicated to providing our clients with first-class service from start to finish, and beyond. We establish, and work hard to maintain transparency in cost and time estimates, open lines of communication, expedient response to concerns and continued service even after your home is built.



History & Now

We’re proud to acknowledge our company’s name reflects our humble beginnings and rise to success. In 1972, Past President John Pilli Sr. founded our company and established a solid reputation while building custom homes throughout Anne Arundel County.  Over time, he proudly passed along his trade to his son, Guy Pilli.


Propelling our organization to new heights of success, Guy has expanded the business during his tenure to include new territory surrounding Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  He expanded our capabilities and embraced the next challenge of building luxury estate homes. When John Sr. retired, Guy became our new President and now presides over our entire operation.  A hands-on manager, Guy still acts as a Project Manager for many of those projects.


During the early 1970’s, Ed Shell joined Pilli Custom Homes, serving as a Cost Estimator and Purchaser since the late 1980’s.  Since 1991, Ed has been General Manager, and works in tandem with Guy to oversee the operation.  Their combined talents help clients move seamlessly through the process from the initial consultation to proposal to completion.  Both remain accessible to clients throughout the construction process and well beyond move-in.  Together, Ed and Guy bring seasoned professionalism, experience and unmatched integrity to the table.


When you contact our office, you’ll be warmly greeted by Cher Sommer, Pilli Custom Home’s Office Manager.  She’s been with the company since the mid-1990’s, and over the years she’s has learned a thing or two about the industry.  Cher’s experience on the front lines enables her to answer initial questions and put clients in touch with the right people, right away.

You might wonder who deals with the “nuts and bolts” of our operation; and his name is Henry Crew.  Henry joined Pilli Custom Homes in the early 1990’s as a member of our framing team.  His outstanding abilities earned him a promotion to lead that crew; and later, he was promoted to Project Manager.  Henry’s abilities are second to none.


 Our Trim Carpenter, David Crew, who’s been with Pilli Custom Homes since the 1990’s, brings a legion of skills to the table.  He takes on more responsibilities with his growing skill set and still performs a range of carpentry tasks while serving as a Project Manager.  Over the years, David’s considerable skills have only sharpened, and we’re proud of his continued dedication to his trade.


“We take pride in our flexibility and ability to help clients navigate the custom-building process seamlessly.  We jump through hoops every day to anticipate, prevent and manage potential issues and concerns.”

Ed Shell, General Manager





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